Nutrition for the Skin

The importance of healthy skin cannot be over emphasized. Healthy skin is important to help you look and feel good. Most people understand the skin, and take great care in choosing good products. But often we tend to ignore the good that a balanced diet does for the skin. Nutrients from what we eat can do harm or good to the skin. Choose your food carefully, and give your skin it’s much needed nourishment.

A balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins not only makes the skin look good, but also helps the skin in being hydrated, healing wounds and keeping away infections. Poor nutrition can lead to infections, eczema, and a host of unwanted problems.


Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals. These normally attack the skin and can damage healthy cells. The job of the antioxidants is to keep them out before they actually strike the healthy cells. They also help in reversing the ageing process, and are known to reduce the incidence of skin cancer. The antioxidants also have the tendency to help wounds heal much faster. Apart from this, they also help in reducing the incidence of dandruff, blackheads, sagging skin and bruises.

The most important antioxidants are Vitamin A, C and E. Consume large quantities of fluids and add generous amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Citric fruits are high in Vitamin C and should be consumed regularly to keep the skin fresh. You can also opt to use juices of oranges and lemons on the skin occasionally for better effect.

Taking little care of what we eat would help us keep most skin problems at bay. If products we use contain natural foods that help keep the skin healthy, consuming them would increase their effectiveness manifold.

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