Olive Oil and Its Role in Weight Loss

Controlling foods can be a very difficult task. It gets extremely agonising to ignore gnawing hunger pangs, and harder still when you see foods in front of you. If there were foods that could help kill the urge to eat, there might be a way out.

One such miracle is in the form of olive oil. A certain fat contained in olive oil has been seen to control hunger pangs in the body, and help lose weight better. Virgin olive oil has already won its place among the healthiest oils today, and this one characteristic may have just won it yet another feather in it’s cap.

Oleic acid, a fat contained in olive oil, triggers a number of reactions in the body when consumed. Once it reaches the intestines and must get absorbed, these numerous activities culminate in a response from the brain that indicates to the body that it is actually full and should stop eating.

This outcome derived from a series of activity carried out by the nerves is now being used to ascertain if this can lead to one form of cure for obesity.

Try dipping whole wheat bread into olive oil and chewing on it before a meal. This will make you eat significantly less during your meal, and will fill you up faster.

Other ways to reduce weight include adding fresh peppers to egg whites, as these have an effect similar to olive oil, and also decrease the amount you eat through the day. Eating fibrous foods that have large water content can also prove useful.

Running a few extra miles and pounding on weights are not the only ways to getting in shape. For those who believe that they just cannot give up on their favourite foods, you needn’t despair. Help has just shown up in the form of olive oil.

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