Oral Care

Caring for the teeth and gums is no rocket science. All it requires is diligent, regular care and the teeth can stay problem free.

Brushing the teeth is vital. Not only in the mornings, but after every meal. Take care to ensure that the insides, and areas between two teeth are brushed carefully. Use a brush with soft bristles. Avoid very harsh brushing, and make sure you brush the tongue as well.

Use dental flosses. These help clear out food particles and plaque from in between the teeth well. Do not use toothpicks and pins on the teeth. They could scratch the enamel and ruin it. They also cause gaps between teeth. Stick to the brush and floss, and you should be able to have clean teeth.

Salt is a very good cleanser as it helps kill germs. Brush the teeth with salt to clear infections, and keep the teeth whiter. Salt also has the ability to heal wounds and mouth ulcers.

Massage your gums well. Use a clean finger to rub the gums and help stimulate and tone the gums. Do not be overly coarse with them, and see that the nails are kept away from the gums and cheek, or they could get scratched.

Eat a diet rich in vitamins. Vitamin C helps heal wounds in the gums and mouth. Calcium is also important for the teeth, and can be found in dairy products. Avoid starchy and sugary foods as far as possible. Colas also damage the teeth and should be avoided. Do not bite and chew very hard objects. Avoid using the teeth to open bottles, jars and the like.

Apples and fruits rich in iron are excellent cleansers for the teeth. You will feel refreshed and notice an immediate change in the way the teeth feel once you have eaten an apple or pear. Make this part of the routine diet.

Make oral care a strict part of your daily routine. This will help you keep the teeth clean, and your trips to the dentist less dreaded.

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