Orange Essential Oil

The orange essential oil is used in various remedies to treat internal inflammations of body as well as of external caused by injuries or skin ailments. It is recommended for persons suffering from nail fungus or eczema to drip few drops of a blend prepared by mixing vegetable oil and orange essential oil on affected portions of skin to get instantaneous relief from pain and itching. In case of deep cuts or injuries, the surrounding skin of wound should be smoothly wiped with orange essential oil to confine the growth of bacterial and other harmful viruses.

Orange Essential Oil

Mood Lifting

Inhaling aroma of orange essential oil on regular basis aids in minimizing the frequent occurrence of psychological fluctuations like rapid change in mood, negative thinking etc.



Daily consumption of orange essential oil aids in reducing levels of excess fat by promoting the rate of metabolic activity in body. It also promotes secretion of hormones and enzymes from glands which further assists in providing relief from constipation.

Excess fat

Cure Muscle Spasms

Since roman times, the orange essential oil is used as an active ingredient in preparing massage oils. Massaging body with orange essential oil relaxes the stressed muscles as well as nerves of body that further aids in curing muscle spasms and cramps.


Sexual Ailments

Several researches had indicated that regular consumption of orange essential oil aids in curing various sexual disorders and ailments like erectile dysfunction, male or female impotency, decreased erectile dysfunction

Promotes Detoxification

Orange essential oil is also known for its exceptional diuretic property which on regular consumption stimulates release of accumulated toxins and other harmful substances via urinary tract. Regular consumption of orange oil is a great remedy to cure reduced appetite and to alleviate several symptoms associated with ailments of digestive tract.


Skin Care

It is advisable for persons suffering from acne, dermatitis, or similar skin ailments to smoothly massage affected portions of skin with orange essential oil to pace up the recovery process and get rid of itching, pain etc. Owing to the tremendous detoxifying properties of orange oil, it is widely used in natural beauty products to enhance glow of skin as well as to cleanse the clogged skin pores.

Skin Care