Oranges For Good Health

Oranges are getting amplified notice because of their commanding and widespread fitness effects on the body.

Scientists consider these plant-derived components may support health by shielding our cells. Orange juice in nature contains more than 60 phytonutrients. Many of them are known as flavonoids.

Research has shown that flavonoids are natural antioxidants and may assist a strong cardiovascular classification and immune system.

There are many benefits of oranges for health. Orange includes Beta carotene, which is a dominant antioxidant shielding the healthiness of our cells.

Orange contains Calcium, which is important for healthy bones and teeth.

Our brain desires folic acid for suitable maturity, and it is found in Oranges.

Blood pressure can be kept in equilibrium with magnesium found in Oranges.

To uphold a strong cardiovascular system and to preserve electrolyte balance of cells, one must eat oranges for it provides potassium.

The food we take is renewed into power by thiamin found in orange.
It contains vitamin B6 which is essential for production of haemoglobin.

100gms of orange contains:

Vitamin A-190 I.U.
Vitamin B-thiamine-0.8gms
Vitamin C-49gms
Potassium -300mgm

Orange oil has Anti Inflammatory properties. It gives speedy and efficient respite from inflammations, internal or external on grounds of any reason, such as excess intake of spices, fever, infections, side effects of antibiotics, gas, ingestion of toxic substances, narcotics etc.

It acts as an Anti Septic. Wherever there is incise or scratch, there is the panic of the cut getting contaminated by bacterial infection. Essential Oil of Orange is very useful in such cases.

More uses of orange:

Orange juice helps in increasing our immunity power.

A spoonful of orange peel powder with honey, keeps the stomach clean.

To get rid of common cold make sure you eat oranges twice a day.

For stomachache and fever, it is advisable to take orange juice with palm candy. It restores your health.

Use orange juice to wipe your face. Your skin will become smooth and supple.

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