6 Treatments Of Pharyngitis

treatments of pharyngitisInflammationof the pharynx is known as pharyngitis. Viral and bacterial infections and allergies are largely associated with this health disorder.Thesymptoms of pharyngitis include sore throat, cough, sneezing, mild headache and fever, usually less than 102 degrees Fahrenheit.Sometimes pharyngitis is accompanied with swollen lymph nodes, body aches, chills, fatigue, loss of appetite, high fever and spleen and liver inflammations.The symptoms of pharyngitis could be treated with simple home remedies.

Pharyngitis treatment

Pharyngitis patients should take enough rest. They should drink plenty of water and fluids. Warm soups and broths might help to reduce their discomfort. Gargling with warm saline water, several times daily, helps to reduce the inflammation. Salt is a natural antiseptic. It can kill the microorganisms responsible for the infection of the pharynx.


honey helps to reduce pharyngitisHoney is a natural expectorant. It could suppress cough and reduce the soreness of the throat. Pharyngitis patients should take a teaspoon of honey twice a day. However, honey should not be given to children less than 12 months of age.

Basil leaf

basil leaf helps to reduce pharyngitisBasil leaf could provide relief from the symptoms of pharyngitis. You can take a tablespoon of basil juice twice a day. For better results, basil juice should be blended with honey.


ginger helps to reduce pharyngitisJuice of a fresh ginger could reduce the throat discomfort. Ginger is a strong decongestant. It loosens the mucus and heals cough and cold associated with pharyngitis.


garlic helps to reduce pharyngitisThis natural antibiotic could kill the bacteria associated with pharyngitis. Pharyngitis patients should eat three to four cloves of garlic per day. Garlic capsules can help to improve the condition of pharyngitis sufferers. However, garlic supplements might be unsuitable for people on blood thinning medications.

Vitamin C

fruits and vegetables helps to reduce pharyngitisLarge amounts of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet of pharyngitis patients. Vitamin C boosts immunity and speeds up the healing process. Vitamin C supplements are beneficial for people suffering from pharyngitis.

Zinc supplements

zinc supplements helps to reduce pharyngitisZinc supplements could help to cure sore throat. Zinc strengthens the immune system. Zinc lozenges are often recommended for reducing cough, cold and sore throat. However, your zinc intake through supplements should not be over 50 mg per day.

6 treatments of pharyngitis