Plantar Warts Treatment

Plantar warts are small growths on the sole of the foot. They usually develop in the pressure points on the sole. Despite pain and discomfort, plantar warts do not cause complications.  The warts appear as small hard bumps on the sole of the foot. They are usually brown or gray in color with black pin-like points. You might experience pain and tenderness while walking.

Plantar Warts Treatment

The human papillomavirus linked to plantar warts thrive in moist environments. This contagious ailment might occur when the skin of your foot is exposed to the virus. The virus might enter the skin on the sole of a foot through a minor break in the skin. Walking barefoot in a public area increases the risk of the infection. Warts might develop on your foot sole if your foot is exposed to HPV infected blood or skin. However, a healthy person with a strong immune system has a lower risk of developing plantar wart even after exposure to the HPV virus.

Waking Barefoot

A weak immune system and skin damage increase the risk of developing plantar wart. The risk of contracting the viral infection increases by sharing washrooms, towels or clothes with a person suffering from plantar warts. Children and teenagers have a higher risk of contracting plantar warts. For some unknown reason, some people experience recurrent plantar wart infections.


Plantar warts are often difficult to treat. They spread quickly in the affected foot sole, producing larger clusters of warts. To prevent complications, plantar warts should be treated promptly. To arrest the growth of the warts and to prevent their spread, plantar warts could be treated with salicylic acid. For better results, salicylic acid is combined with cantharidin, a chemical substance secreted by certain blister beetle species.

Salicylic Acid

Cryotherapy or treatment with liquid nitrogen freezes and destroys the painful warts. However, this painful treatment is usually performed only on adult patients.Plantar warts that do not respond to conventional therapies or home remedies might be cured with the help of laser surgery. You must attend several laser therapy sessions to heal the resistant warts. Your dermatologist might eliminate the warts with the help of a minor surgical process that uses electric needle to destroy and remove the warts.

Laser Surgery

Difficult to treat warts are often cured with the help of medications that boost the power of the immune system.Covering the plantar warts with a duct tape for up to six days might eliminate the warts. This process must be repeated several times, until the warts are completely removed from the affected area. Researchers speculate that the duct tape irritates the wart and the surrounding skin, promoting the immune system to attack the affected area on the skin.

Duct tape

After removing the duct tape, soak the affected foot in warm saline water and rub the skin gently with a pumice stone. Plantar warts could be cured by moistening the warts with apple cider vinegar. Soaking the affected foot in ice-cold water for about fifteen minutes might kill the wart-causing virus. Applying vitamin A directly on the warts might destroy them.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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