Popularising the Papaya

Papayas make delicious fruits. This pulpy fruit can make an excellent snack eaten alone, and also accompanies all fruits well in a salad. In raw form, papayas can be used as vegetables as well. They not only have a great taste, but are filled with beneficial properties.

Papaya is an excellent tonic. It is pulpy, solft and easily digestable, making it an ideal fruit for children and even infants. It is also very good for nursing mothers. It gives instant energy and has essential body building materials.

Papayas are high in Vitamin B, making it a rich diet for the skin. It protects the skin from sunburn and keeps it frm becoming dull and lifeless. Papayas when eaten can benefit the skin. They are also used in the making of face packs and the skin is used as a natural scrub.

Papayas are good for the stomach. They help relieve constipation. They are also useful in the cure of gastric problems and abdominal disorders. It helps expel excess mucus in the stomach. It helps in the enlargement of the liver and spleen. Papayas are good in combatting worms in the stomach as well.

Papayas also make good analgesics, and help reduce edema. They can also contribute to the cure of cough, colds and fever.

Since they are highly fibrous, papayas make good cures for piles. They provide much relief to bleeing piles, and are good laxatives.

It is a myth that papayas cause abortions. Papayas have a heaty action, but they do not contribute to causing abortions unless eaten excessively in the unripe form. The heaty action can help women in bringing about clear and regular menses.

There is always enough excuse to stock up papayas. Make them a regular feature of your breakfast or mid-morning snack. You won’t regret it.