Power Packed Proteins

A balanced diet must include elements of every food type. The iclusion or exclusion of any one food type can lead to deprivation in the body and lead to the onset of many ailments.

Proteins are the most important nutrient to the body. They help build stamina. They foster growth and also gives more energy. A protein rich diet helps in boosting physical activity, increases alertness and also the ability to concentrate better. Proteins help the body grow and promote cell division. A must for all growing children, proteins serve as the basis for all nutritious food.

Proteins are found in chicken and fish. These forms are good since they have very little fat when they are cooked properly. The best form of consumption for the more health conscious is to stick to grilled or steamed forms.

Beans, pulses and milk products are also very high in protein. These must be included in generous proportions for the vegeatrians as they have no alternative way of obtaining proteins for the body. Milk is a form that can find no subtitute as far as children are concerned. Milk and its products like curd and cottage cheese must be made a regilar feature of the diet.

Nuts and dry fruits are another form of food that contain large amounts of protein. A handful of dryfruits nake an excellent snack for children along with some milk. A taste for dryfruits must be cultivated from the early years.

Not only do proteins help the physical strength but also help in boosting mental states. Agility, alertness, and mental toughness are all bolstered with proper amounts of protein in the diet.

Cook food wisely and well. You deserve to eat tasty food, and that which is high in its nutritious properties as well. Make the next meal more fun. You will find that feeling healthy is worth the while.

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