Prevent Heart Diseases With Healthy Proteins

The condition of your health is closely associated with your dietary habits. Numerous studies throughout the world have proved that a heart friendly diet could significantly lower the risk of cardiovascular ailments.

In a recent study, reported in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have found that risk of heart diseases in women could be significantly reduced by replacing red meat with other protein rich foods.

Red meat bad for heart

Red meat is a rich source of proteins and iron. However, consumption of excess red meat might be detrimental for your heart. Researchers have found that women who had two servings of red meat daily had 30 per cent greater risk of developing heart disease than women who had not more than half serving of red meat per day.

Processed vs. unprocessed red meat

Although, it is usually safe to eat unprocessed red meat occasionally, it is advisable to avoid processed red meat, such as sausage, bacon, hot dogs and processed deli meats.

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health have found that processed meat could increase the risk of heart diseases by 42 per cent. Smoked and cured meats and meat preserved with salt or chemical preservatives are known as processed meat.

Healthy proteins for heart

To lower the risk of heart diseases, you should substitute red meat in your diet with healthy proteins such as fish, poultry and nuts. Researchers have observed that women who had one serving of fish per day had 24 per cent lower chance of developing coronary heart disease.

By replacing red meat in your diet with one serving per day of poultry helps to lower the risk of heart diseases by 19 per cent. Low fat dairy products could decrease coronary heart diseases by 13 per cent.

The study has shown that nuts are most beneficial for the heart. This healthy source of protein could reduce the risk of heart diseases in women by 30 per cent.

Although, in this study, researchers studied the effect of diet on the health of the heart of women between 30 and 55 years of age, researchers believe that men can also benefit by lowering red meat consumption.

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