Receding Gums Treatment Tips


It is type of gum disease wherein there is deterioration of the tissues that holds the gums thereby ending up showing more of the tooth area including the roots.

Receding Gums

The causes of gums receding can be violently brushing your teeth, chewing of tobacco, hormonal changes or non-aligned dental structure. The general symptoms are swelling in the gums areas of the teeth, foul smell emitting out of the mouth, pain, irritation, etc.

Receding Gums Treatment Tips

Natural and herbal treatment for receding gums is widely accepted and practiced. In addition, you can adhere to the normal medical procedures of drugs and surgery.

Medical Procedures

Even under the medical procedures for the treatment of receding gums, there are a few options that are available as below.

Deep Cleaning

One of the most widely used procedures to cure mild gum recession is the deep cleaning of the teeth and the gums by your dentist. During this treatment the dentist removes the deposits of plaque and tartar. Occasionally the dentist may prescribe a few anti-biotic tablets to be taken to get rid of receding gums problem.

deep cleaning

Pocket Depth Reduction

Pocket depth reduction is another form of procedure which the dentist may opt to perform. In this procedure, the dentist removes the deposition of bacteria from the pockets, places the gums back gently over the roots by trimming their size.

Pocket Depth Reduction

Regeneration Process

The dentist may perform the regeneration process in case the bone of the teeth is getting affected. The procedure is similar to the pocket depth reduction procedure with the exception that here while replacing the gums on the roots of the teeth a natural regenerative material is applied to the gums. It would enable to the natural growth of tissues and bone in the area.

Regeneration Process

Soft Tissue Graft Procedure

Soft tissue graft procedure is performed by the dentist if the root of the teeth is totally seen out in the open. The dentist would take out soft tissue layer from upper part of your mouth and stitch the same with the gums next to the exposed root. In addition, the dentist would even stitch the upper part of the mouth from where this tissue was removed.

Soft Tissue Graft Procedure

Natural And Herbal Treatment

There are quite a few herbal and natural treatments that are available for treating receding gums.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is suggested to be one of the most widely used form of treatments for receding gums. You can rinse your mouth several times by adding five to six drops of Eucalyptus oil in water. The anti bacterial property of Eucalyptus oil prevents the bacteria from spreading and removes the existing bacteria from the gums.


Tea Tree Oil

The other option is tea tree oil. This oil too has lots of antibiotics that help in clearing of the bacteria from the gums. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil and use is as mouthwash.

tea tree oil


Yarrow is another herb frequently used to get rid of receding gums. The leaves and flowers of this herb have lots of antiseptic properties; massaging these leaves or flowers over the gums would help getting rid of the bacteria and also help in the sharpening of the tooth.


Rose Petals

Take few rose petals and cover them with vinegar. Allow them to soak at least for a week’s time. Rinse your mouth once a week by taking ½ spoon of this mixture mixed with warm water. This mixture helps in strengthening the gums.

rose petals

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice has the property of stopping the bacteria from sticking on to the teeth. You can take this juice three to four times a day.

cranberry juice

Vitamin C

It is a well known fact that Vitamin C always has a positive effect on the gums. There has been a study that says that people who have very low content of Vitamin C in their body are very much prone to diseases on the gums. Hence, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C can help to reduce further receding of the gums. Fruits like oranges, papaya, kiwi fruit, grapefruit etc. can be taken in good quantities.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is said to have a lot of good effects on the body, one of them being its anti-inflammatory property, using which one can easily reduce the pain in the gums and also prevent further damage to it. Exposure to the sun for a minimum of fifteen to twenty minutes in a day is the best source of getting Vitamin D into your body. Thus, by using any of the above, be it natural, herbal or medicinal treatments, you can get cured from the disease and have health and strong gums.

sun exposure