3 Remedies for Blocked Tear Duct


Blocked tear duct is a condition in which the tear duct present in the eyes is partially or completely blocked. This leads to the over flow of tears from the eyes as the tears can’t move down to the nose through the tear duct. This is commonly seen in new born babies.

Blocked tear duct

This obstruction in the duct may be due to the development of some tissues with in the duct or due to narrow duct. At time injures in the eyes may also cause obstructions in the tear duct. In certain cases tumors or nasal polyps also causes obstruction of the tear duct.

Obstruction in the tear duct at times may cause infection. In most of the cases it may cause pus in the corner of the eyes. While sleeping the patient may develop crust on the eyelids. Here are some remedies that you can practice at home to clear this obstruction.

Home Remedies for Blocked Tear Duct

Warm Compress

This is an easy to do remedy for blocked tear duct. Take a bowl of clean, warm or hot water and add a pinch of boric acid in to this water. Mix the boric acid well in this water and dip a clean cotton pad or wash towel in it. Now keep this warm moist cloth over your affected eye. Continue this for about five minutes and repeat this for three times a day. Always clean the surface of the eye with clean tap water and soft cloth. This will help you to remove the dirt and debris in the eyes.

warm compress


Massage your eyelids with your fingers in clockwise and anticlockwise directions and practice this at least four times a day. You can also massage the nose bridge with your forefinger and thumb. Pinch the nose bridge with fingers and run the fingers lightly over the entire bone. Also apply a little pressure on the corner of the eye nearer to the nose.


Breast Milk

If you are a breast feeding mother then you can pour a few drops of breast milk in to your baby’s eyes. While adding breasting milk make sure that you are adding it to both the eyes as it works better than adding only to the infected eyes.

Breast Milk