8 Benefits Of Sandalwood Essential Oil

benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Natural Antiseptic

Sandalwood Essential Oil helps to reduce infectionIndividuals suffering from internal wounds or esophageal ulcers should consume sandalwood oil to pace up the healing process.Owing to the tremendous antiseptic properties of this oil, it is widely used in skin remedies to eliminate infections. It is recommended to dilute sandalwood oil with vegetable oil prior to direct appliance on affected portions of skin.

Prevents Inflammation

Sandalwood Essential Oil helps to prevents from skin itchingRegular consumption of sandalwood oil aids in eradication as well as prevents inflammations of core nervous system, digestive tract, urinary tract, and blood. Local appliance of sandalwood oil on wounds, bug bites, and burns endows with immediate relief from itching, irritation and provides soothing relief.A blend containing 3-4 drops of sandalwood essential oil in a glass of warm milk should be consumed once for at least seven days to get rid of sore throat.

Prevents Muscle Spasms

Sandalwood Essential Oil helps to prevents from muscle spasmsFrequent usage of sandalwood oil for body massage helps in relaxation of stressed nerves, muscles and blood vessels, which is a main cause for occurrence of spasms or muscle cramps.

Oral Care

Sandalwood Essential Oil helps to prevents oral healthApplying two or three undiluted drops of sandalwood oil on inflamed or swollen gums endows with instantaneous relief and also, strengthens oral muscles. Gargling with a mouthwash prepared with sandalwood oil and warm water helps to cure mouth sores and eliminate bacterial organisms causing bad breath.


Sandalwood Essential Oil helps to reduce hypertenshionDaily intake of sandalwood oil is a great remedy to counter-balance the elevated levels of blood pressure. It is advisable for individuals suffering from hypertension to consume sandalwood essential oil at lease once a day to avert the development of ailments caused due to hypertension.

Herbal Bath

Sandalwood Essential Oil helps to reduce eczemaIndividuals experiencing eczema or acne should opt for a herbal bath comprising sandalwood oil to confine the growth of disease. This bath should be taken for a maximum of thrice a week.

Enhanced Memory

Sandalwood Essential Oil helps to enhance the memoryRegular consumption of sandalwood oil mixed in a glass of milk enhances power to memorize and boosts concentrating power by relaxing the nerves of brain. It also prevents mild psychological disturbances like mild depression,anxiety etc.


Sandalwood Essential Oil helps to reduce coughIt is recommended for individuals experiencing sever cough to inhale aroma of sandalwood essential oil several times a day through a steamer to gain desired results. Two or three drops of this undiluted oil should be mixed in a bowl full of hot water to prepare a herbal steamer.

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