Skin Care In Winter

Winters is the time to face the cold winds, to spend lazy days under blankets, and to bear dry and itchy skin.We are normal human beings and we tend to get lazy in cold weather. But when itchy and dry skin starts irritating us, we realize the fact that we have totally ignored our skin with the onset of winters. 

Winters are time when our skin needs extra care and nourishment.But winters are when we tend to completely ignore our skin because we do not see it under the many layers of winter clothes.Dry skin can cause immense amount of itching and can dry out and crack also.So the best thing to do is to prevent dry skin in the first place by taking care of your skin.

Start of your day with a nice bath in lukewarm water.A hot water bath can be very tempting during winters but remember that very hot water can pull out all moisture from your skin, drying it completely. After you finish your bath dry yourself properly.Choose a good quality rich nourishing lotion containing cocoa butter, olive oil etc.

If you are staying indoors and your skin has become extremely dry then you can also try applying petroleum jelly to retain moisture.Whenever you find time, massage your body using baby oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, or any body oil of your choice before having bath.This will leave your skin looking healthy, smooth and moisturized.

Do not ignore your heels as they tend to crack during winters. Keep your feet clean, covered and well moisturized throughout the day to prevent cracked heels.Also keep a good quality lip balm with you at all times and apply it several times throughout the day.

This will solve your problem of chapped lips.Apply a good quality moisturizer on your face.If you are going out then apply a good quality sunscreen lotion.Sunscreen is as important in winters as in summers as the winter sun is known to be more harsh on the skin.Keep your body well covered to protect your skin against the cold winds.Make sure that you follow these tips for skin care during winters.

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