Skin Sensations

Not only are the fruits we eat great resources for our body, but skin as well. Almost every part of the fruit contributes to the well-being of the skin in some way, and can be used extensively.

Fruits, when eaten, provide a range of vitamins and minerals that help keep the skin clean and healthy. They maintain and regulate hydration in the skin, and also help it glow. The fibre present in all fruits help restore balance to the skin and keep it cleaner and more clear. The water content protects and prevents the skin from dehydrating, and thereby, reverses ageing of the skin.

The juice and pulp of the fruit is full of minerals. Juice drink gives the skin its nourishment directly. Juices can also be applied to skin and act as toners and astringent depending on the property of the fruit. Fruits like papaya help in providing protection to the skin from the sun and decrease the incidence of sunburn and darkening of the skin.

Packs that are formed using extracts and the pulps of various fruits help moisten and soften the skin. When absorbed into the skin, they help correct many defects like pigmentation, dryness, acne, and pimple formations. They also help in promote the build up of healthy cells that are more strong.

The peels of fruits also find use for the skin. Peels can be used to help exoliate the skin more gently. They help is removing dead skin and allowing younger skin to surface, and make the skin retain its youth. Blackheads can also be removed easily using fruit peels. Peels of citrus fruits also help bleach and lighten skin to remove tans.

Use fruits generously on the skin. Eat large proportions of fruits either directly or as salads. They help you look and feel a million bucks.

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