Skincare Using Common Vegetables

There are some vegetables that are consumed most often universally. They make for a staple diet no matter where you are. What is less known, though, is that most of these also double up as great products for the skin. Here is a look at alternative uses for our favourite veggies.


Juice of the raw potato is excellent in clearing out blemishes from the face. The raw potato contains large amounts of potassuim, sulphur, phosphorous and chlorine. These nutrients are only active when the potato is raw so make sure you do not use the cooked form.

Juicy pulp from the raw potato is also a good poultice useful in reversing the ageing of skin. They help banish age spots and keep the skin clean. Enzymes in the potato rich in vitamin C and natural starch help the skin.

Alkaline juices in the potato help promote antiseptic actions and give the skin a distinct glow.


Pulp of the tomato should be applied liberally to the skin and left for an hour, before it is washed off using lukewarm water. This routine executed daily helps give a good complexion and also removes pimples.


When grated and applied on the face, eyes and neck and left for about fifteen minutes, cucumber can help prove to be a great beauty aid and tonic.

Regular use helps prevent pimples, blackheads and wrinkles, and also removes excessive dryness from the skin.

High contents of silicone and sulphur in the cucumber help promote hair growth, especially when the juice is applied in combination with carrots, lettuce leaves and spinach.

Now you have more reasons to stock your favourite vegetables. You have your own delecious remedies too. Make better use of vegetables by bringing about benefits not only to the body, but by fiding alternative uses for the skin as well.

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