Smoking Kills

Puffing away at the cigarette may be a cool thing to do while at the party. It may help you seem trendy, and make you one with the crowd. But look the the harm it is causing you. Weigh both sides, and you may just find it north worth the while after all.

We all know about the evils of smoking. Peer pressure, stress, and misconceptions about being accepted may cause us to succumb to this habit. Quite often, smoking begins with curiosity and ends up a habit what cannot be let go of.

It is common knowledge that the nicotine in the cigarette causes cancer. Cancer of the tongue, mouth, lungs, intestines and lungs are common forms of cancer caused from continual smoking.

It also has a rather strong impact on the skin. The skin gets wrinkled and begins to age faster. Lifeless, dry skin begins to emerge and the texture deteriorates continually.

Activities that involve close concentration are also affected with continual smoking like reading, watching television, etc. This is due to the effect on the vision that gets affected. The sensitivity to light is also increased and harsh light is less tolerated by the eyes.

Mental faculties have also been found to decline much faster through smoking. The effect of smoking on the degeneration of the mind is much faster than for non-smokers. The increase of related diseases like Alzheimer‘s is found to be more among smokers.

Passive smoke affects babies who are found to be more irritable, feed and sleep less and have lower tolerance levels. Problems in digestion and colic are also known to occur.

Smoking also causes arterial damage as the incidence of blockages increases.

Maybe looking cool isn’t enough. There isn’t much point trying to please someone when your life is at stake. Take a longer, harder look.

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