Stomach Churning Remedies

Fighting the sense of nausea can be quite tough. A queasy stomach and nervous sensation can make for a rather difficult situation. Nausea can be caused due to disturbances in the digestive system, overeating, sluggish stomach, or even from motion sickness. Whatever the cause, simple remedies may be helpful in giving relief.
Stomach Churning Remedies

Take a few teaspoonfulls of lime. Mix a little honey into this. Keep moistening the tongue with this liquid every few minutes. This not only helps settle the stomach and the nausea, but also gives a more refreshing taste to the mouth and removes the vomiting sensation. Crushed ginger should be boiled and filetered. Squeeze some lime and sugar and drink this juice occasionally. This will help ease the nausea.

Lime juice

Boil cumin seeds in water and filter. Drinking this will settle the stomach and cure the nausea. Corriander seeds also help. Powder them and make a decoction adding some honey or sugar. Drinking this should also prove useful. Pomegranate is a very useful remedy, but needs to be prepared well before time. In the season, take the peel of the fruit and dry it in the sun. Make a powder of this and store it. When required, it can be had either directly, or made into a decoction and drunk. Either way, it helps cure the nausea well.


Buttermilk had with some cumin powder and asafoetida make an excellent remedy. Not only do they help ease the nausea, but also keep the body from getting dehydrated. Now curing nausea is not as difficult as you thought. And getting nerous each time you feel you are coming down with an irritated stomach is not the end of the world. Try some simple remedies to feel good instantly.