Symptoms Of Mini Stroke

Mini stroke, also known as transient ischemic attack, occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain slows down or ceases temporarily for a brief period. It usually heals naturally within a few minutes.

Mini strokes should not be ignored. They are often warning signs of an impending ischemic stroke, which, if not prevented, might permanently damage a portion of the brain or might even cause death.

Symptoms of mini stroke

The exact symptom of a mini stroke depends on the area of the brain where it occurs. Sudden numbness or neurological deficit in a particular part of the body, such as a hand, leg or a part of the face might be a sign of a mini stroke. It might temporarily affect your vision or speech.

The symptoms are hardly noticeable if the mini stroke occurs in a part of the brain, which is rarely used. However, if blood supply to an important part of the brain slows down, the symptoms could adversely affect your normal activities.

Obstructions in the carotid arteries will slow down the anterior blood circulation. If anterior circulation is affected by a mini stroke, it leads to vision and speech problems. Sudden loss of vision in one eye that promptly resolves is usually a sign of a mini stroke.

The vertebral arteries supply blood to the cerebellum. Cerebellum controls the body’s muscle coordination. Cessation of blood supply to the cerebellum leads to loss of balance and coordination and dizziness. Inability to walk might be a sign of mini stroke in the cerebellum. Clumsiness while walking or difficulty in using a hand could be sign of a mini stroke. A mini stroke might even cause a sudden abnormal burning sensation in a limb.

Depending on the part of the brain affected by a mini stroke, one might experience multiple symptoms. If a mini stroke affects anterior circulation on the left side of your brain, you might experience sudden loss of speech along with numbness or weakness on the right side of your body. A person might suddenly fall if blood flow to the base of the brain halts suddenly.

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