The All New Diet Mantra

Feeling young is largely a state of mind. Looking young is somewhat different. It requires some effort to maintain the body. Due to the way the world has changed, and the pace of life that we lead, it is not always possible to give the body all the attention it needs. We often find it hard to make time to exercise regularly, and even to find time for some physical recreation. Proper eating habits, though, help address this issue.

Dieting does not mean abstenance, but only eating wisely. All foods eaten in the right manner and proportion mean well for the body. Here are ways to give the tongue, and the body their due.


Inhaling vitalises the whole body, giving it the freshness of good oxygen, and refreshes the system and the mind. Exhaling, on the other hand, clears the lungs, contrats the abdomen and increases mental focus. The belly and abdomen can actually be toned by proper breathing. If you have a really fast paced life, try and take some time off to walk a short distance everyday. Make sure it is at a leisurely pace. You will find that you are actually more chraged up. Exposure to fresh air gives new life to the body. It’s your own mini workout.


This is one thing you have no reason to be stingy about. Water eliminates all poisons, cell wastes, toxins from the body. Drink as much water as you can. It does no harm at all. Organic herbal teas are also a great beverage that can replace your synthetic or sweetened drinks.


Eat fewer, more frequent meals. Give yourself the benefit of a sumptuous, but healthy breakfast. It will keep you going for long. Lunchtime marks the pak of the body metabolism. Try a heavier but wholesome meal. Dinner should be the lightest, with little or nor sugars and carbohydrates.


The right fats are good for the body. Take recourse in fats from vegetables and fruits, and other natural foods. These are good sources of fatty acids, which protect the boy against heart disease and cancer. Fish oil is another good variant to choose for fats.


Take adequate doses of calcium as it will keep the bones and joints in order. It promotes absorption and repairs damaged cells well. Use skimmed milk and low fat varieties of dairy products as these are rich in calcium and should not be eliminated from the diet totally.


Sugars are toxic, and one teasoon of refined sugar destroys all vitamins eaten in a week. This causes good tissues in the body to erode. Add large amounts of Vitamin B to the diet to protect against loss from sugar consumption. Avoid all artificial sweetners and sugars totally.

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