The Fight Against Ageing Skin

Ageing is a natural process. No matter how much you dread it, there can be no escape from it. Natural signs include weakness in bones and muscle, and with the skin, wrinkles and sagging skin.

While ageing cannot be reversed completely, there are ways that signs of ageing can be minimised.
Ageing starts to appear first around the eyes, mouth and around the forehead. To protect these parts, make sure you use a good sunscreen on a daily basis. Anti-ageing creams can also prove useful.

Sunlight starts to dehydrate the skin, which sucks out all natural moisture and water, and causes the skin to shrink and appear wrinkled. This starts to look like premature ageing. Over exposure to the sun could also lead to spots and the formation of patches and pigmentation, which can sometimes cause skin cancer. Using sunscreen and a good moisturiser can help treat these problems well.

Moisture and hydration is most essential for the skin. It helps in regulate all functions, and also keeps the skin flexible and supple. Drier skin can wrinkle much faster. Hence, the use of a good moisturiser is important in keeping the skin soft and glowing.

Generally, most anti-ageing creams are known to work. The effectiveness of your skin care creams depends on how well you create a balance between chosing your products and matching them with the type of skin that you have. The problem is that wrinkles can start to reappear once you have stopped using these creams.

Exfoliation can also be a good way to keep skin clearer and youthful. Old, dead cells can be lost easily with some good exfoliant, and this can go a long way in keeping the skin healthier. Exfoliation also allows oils and other wastes to be lost from the skin making it look more cared for.

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