Therapeutic Benefits Of Margosa[Neem]

Margosa, or neem, as it is called, is used an herbal medicine since olden times to cure a various ailments. Every part of this “Wonder Herb”- rind, leaves, wood, flowers, fruits are of great curative value.

Chewing its tender stems was an age-old practice to prevent periodontal diseases and is still effective for bad breathe, pyorrhea, gum and teeth problems. Gargling with margosa-water concoctation relieves teeth ache, stopping gum infections. Troubled cough is cured by drinking lukewarm margosa juice with few drops of honey 1-2 drops of its fresh juice in the nostrils cure headache.

Bedtime application of margosa oil promotes hair growth and stops baldness. Regular hairwash with margosa leaves also kill lice, prevents dandruff and stops hair fall. It also arrests premature graying of hair. Bark of margosa purifies blood and eradicates toxins that cause skin disease like acne, blemishes. Local application benefits in ringworms, eczema, psoriasis and leucoderma.
Drinking its juice in the morning with honey controls dysentery. Swallowing its powdered seed or ground leaves with sugar candy even checks dysentery especially in summers
Taking the steam of boiled water with margosa leaves gives relief in ear ache. A feeling of nausea and vomiting is controlled by margosa water consumption.

Applying a paste of ground margosa flower on naval prevents vomiting Indigestion is cured if 10 fully ripe margosa fruits are taken daily after meal. It has proven remedy against chicken pox. Munching 7 nascent leaves with 4-5 black peppers prevent chickenpox or smallpox. After cure, bathing in margosa leaves water and applying its oil removes the spots. Applying margosa paste below naval subsides menstrual cramps. Margosa-ginger-water concoctation cures excessive menstrual pain.

Margosa oil or juice kills intestinal worms in kids and adults. Chewing the leaves with pepper eliminate poison of insect bites. It heals burns, injuries and wounds without causing any infection or septic. It stimulates liver functions, maintain proper secretion of liver, thus curing jaundice too. Consuming 25-30 drops of margosa oil in betel leaf is an asthma relief.

Juice of margosa roots cure urinary obstructions and burning. Giving margosa juice to woman in labour, before child birth facilitates normal delivery and checks onset of fever
It checks hyperacidity and epigastric pain. It is also an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agent. Margosa strengthens our immune system to fight against foreign invasion
It is a natural supplement erasing dark circles and provide internal glow to skin.

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