Tobacco Cures

The benefits and uses of tobacco is a little suspect. Tobacco has always been considered to be harmful for the health. Cigarette cartons all have mandatory warnings printed on them. However, what is little known is that tobacco has been used since the ancient times to produce many remedies to a variety of ailments. When used correctly, tobacco has a distinct advantage.

If you think of the physical temperaments of tobacco, it is more suitable to the air and water elements of the body and their personalities. It is not very good for those with disturbed fire elements since it has the tendency of aggravating it.

Tobacco has been used in tooth powders and toothpastes. It is hot in action, pungent and increases the fire element. It is nauseatic and subsides air and water.

Take the tobacco leaf and its thin middle stem. Do not use the remaining parts. Put them all in a vessel, and after closing it burn it to procure the ashes. Add double the quantity of rock salt to this, mix it well and close it tightly. This makes a wonderful remedy for whooping cough for both children and adults and should be administered twice a day with honey. The right dosage is about one or two grains for children and two to four grains for adults.

The powder of tobacco leaves is applied on honey bee bites with advantage. Washing the hair with water that has been boiled with tobacco helps kill lice and cleans the hair well.

In ancient times it was a common practice to smoke tobacco is a hookah. Tobacco was kept in a mud vessel to which a pipe was attached and connected to a vessel containing water. While smoking it the smell of tobacco passing through water was obtained. This water, when mixed with turmeric powder can be useful in curing eczema. It is also good in curing body lice in animals.

As a home remedy, tobacco should be applied imeediately to dog bites. Some people are very accustomed to eating tobacco. It helps relieve gas.