Tomatoes, The Best Home Remedy

The heavy exposure of the skin with sun will lead to sunburn. It will darken the skin and make it dry. So there will be a color difference in the skin.

Some of the study analysis results that the tomatoes are very much useful for the sunburn. Tomatoes are suitable to transform painful sunburn into a modest tan.

The method of using tomatoes for the sunburn treatments

Take some peeled tomatoes and a bowl full of buttermilk. Soak the peeled tomato slices in to the buttermilk for while and then apply directly to the skin, which is affected badly. It can close up the pores and reduce the pain too.

Tomatoes for the wounds

Tribal medicine men usually use poultices made from the leaves of wild tomato to cure the wounds and sores on the skin. Tomato fruits are also beneficial to heal the wound quickly. Use some sliced tomato to place on the wound, place it on the wound with some adhesive tape. Change the tomato pieces 2 or 3 times per day and do it continuously for two to three days.  The infection will disappear within 2-3 days.

Tomatoes for healthy liver

Tomatoes have large amounts of anti-toxic elements like chlorine and sulfur in it. Chlorine can help the body to filter out the waste, whereas the sulfur protects the liver against some of the obstructions.
Tomatoes are admirable for frustrating the negative effects of an overly-rich diet with the reduction of liver fats.

Tomatoes for hypertension

Tomatoes are very rich in potassium, which have a positive effect on the kidneys. Good renal functioning can decrease the high blood pressure. A big tomato (400 g) has 450 mg of potassium. Mix two tomatoes in a food processor and a spoonful of fresh lemon juice, basil, a pinch of tarragon, and paprika and take this tonic to stimulate the kidneys within the day.
Have this juice one glass per day for 2 or 3 days,

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