Traumatic Brain Injury – Preventing brain damage from injury

Anybody could sustain a brain injury from an accidental fall or a car accident. Traumatic brain injury could cripple a person for life or cause death. Millions of people around the world suffer from traumatic brain injury every year.

Brain injury awareness is necessary to prevent traumatic head injury and to reduce its adverse affect.

Any form of traumatic brain injury, including mild head injury, should not be overlooked. Health experts warn that even mild brain injuries could cause persistent neurological problems, leading to cognitive difficulties.

Types of traumatic brain injury
Mild traumatic brain injury is known as a concussion. A concussion might make a person dazed or lose consciousness for a brief period. Nearly 90 percent of head injuries are concussions. Unfortunately, this is the most under diagnosed head injury. Studies have shown that about 20 percent of patients suffering from concussion experience lifelong side effects of the injury.

If a bruise develops in the brain after sustaining an injury, the traumatic brain injury would be known as brain contusion. Brain contusion would cause mild bleeding or inflammation in the brain. In the worse case, traumatic brain injury will cause skull fracture. The cracked skull bones might penetrate into the brain, causing injury and bleeding in the brain. Hematoma is a form of traumatic brain injury, in which the symptoms develop after a few days. A clot might develop in the brain, which causes headache, nausea, vomiting and dizziness.

Traumatic brain injury prevention
However, most cases of traumatic brain injury are preventable. Strict traffic rules have helped to reduce the number of traumatic brain injuries. To prevent brain injury, one should always wear helmets while riding bicycles or motorcycles. People participating in adventurous sports should always wear helmets to protect their heads from injury. Fastening seat belts and using air bags while driving could significantly reduce the risk of a traumatic head injury in the event of an unfortunate motorcar accident. Make sure that the child safety seat is properly installed in your car. To prevent falling down the stairways, you should hold the rails while climbing the stairs. Always turn on the staircase light while climbing the stairs in the dark.

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