Treatment For Enlarged Liver

In medical terms, enlarged liver is known as hepatomegaly. Enlargement of the liver is not a disease but it is a symptom of some other disease such as hepatitis, liver cancer or congestive heart failure.

Treatment For Enlarged Liver

Enlarged liver causes

Several factors can contribute to enlargement of the liver. Viral infection of the liver or hepatitis is a common cause of enlarged liver. Hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are associated with liver enlargement. Infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, which is known as mononucleosis, causes enlarged liver. Enlarged liver could be a symptom of liver cancer. People suffering from congestive heart failure could develop enlarged liver.

Viral Infection

Hemochromatosis is a life threatening condition that causes enlarged liver. People suffering from hemochromatosis absorb excess iron from food, storing the extra iron in the liver, pancreas and heart, leading to liver enlargement. Leukemia or cancer of the white blood cells is one of the factors responsible for enlarged liver. Excess fat accumulation in liver of people suffering from fatty liver, causes enlarged liver. Alcoholism is one of the commonest causes of enlarged liver.


Symptoms of enlarged liver

Enlarged liver is usually a painless condition. People suffering from this condition often do not experience any symptom of the condition. Usually the condition is diagnosed on visiting a physician. Nonetheless, significantly swollen liver can cause abdominal pain. If the liver function is adversely affected by the enlargement of the liver, jaundice might occur.

Abdominal pain

Enlarged liver remedies

Treatment of the underlying diseases responsible for enlarged liver can help to heal the condition naturally. Avoiding alcohol and maintaining a healthy lifestyle could prevent occurrence of this condition. Studies have shown that intake of high doses of vitamin A, D, E and K supplements and herbal supplements can damage your liver. To prevent liver damage, you should avoid prolonged exposure to toxins.


To help your enlarged liver to regain its normal size, you should also stay away from caffeine. Folk healers recommend certain herbs for treating enlarged liver. Intake of sour cherry is good for the liver health. Tea made with begonia, rhubarb or dandelion could help to cure enlarged liver.