7 Treatments for Warts

7 treatments for wartsWart is a painful infection caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are benign growth seen on the skin surface or mucous membrane. It may appear on people of all ages including the kids. Warts may effect any part of the body like genitals, mouth, anus, vagina, penis, foot, skin etc. The incubation period of this virus is two to nine months and it leads to the proliferation of tissues. Warts spread from one person to other through direct contact.It may also get transmitted through sexual contact and also through wounds on the skin surface. If you have a weak immune system then it may increase your risk of getting warts. Certain types of warts disappear after sometime by its own while other won’t go off. Here are some treatment methods that may help you to ward off the warts.

Warts Remedies

Salicylic Acid

salicylic acid to get rid of wartsIf the warts are on the hand, foot, knees etc then apply salicylic acid on the warts. Apply salicylic acid when the skin is wet. Then it may sink deep in to the skin and gives better results. Continue this every day for some weeks. While bathing use a pumice stone to gently rub the warts and this helps to remove the dead tissues.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil to get rid of wartsCastor oil is found to be a good remedy for warts. You have to apply castor oil on the warts on every night. Continue this treatment for several months to get good results.


onion to get rid of wartsOnion when rubbed on the skin may helps to improve blood circulation. Hence onion helps you to get rid of the warts.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera to get rid of wartsApply the juice taken from aloe vera plant on the warts and repeat this at least three times a day. With in a week you can see substantial decrease in warts.

Cashew Nut Shell Oil

cashew nut shell oil to get rid of wartsThe oil extracted from the cashew nut shell is highly beneficial for removing the warts. This oil is found to be a good irritant to skin and thus avoids the warts if applied externally.

Clove Oil

clove oil to get rid of wartsSpread clove oil on the affected areas and repeat this daily twice. This may show positive effects with in days.


marigold to get rid of wartsThe juice extracted from the leaves of marigold plant aids you in removing the warts. Similarly the sap obtained from the stem cuttings are also ideal for wart treatment.

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