Twelve Excellent Tips To Cure Sun Burns


Everyone from young to old suffer sun burns especially in hot and humid countries. Sunburn discolors our skin, makes our skin dry and rough and brings untimely wrinkles on our skin. For this reason everyone should take proper care to remove sunburn and should take some necessary steps to get rid of sun burn. This article will make you know to protect your skin from sunburn and some easy steps to remove sunburn very quickly. To remove sunburn from your skin the most effective process is to bleach your skin. You will get some readymade bleach in the market. They are very effective to clean your sunburn instantly but the harsh chemicals of the bleach actually damage your skin in the long run. So better take care of your sun burnt skin in natural way.

Twelve Excellent Tips To Cure Sun Burns

Tips to Cure Sun Burns Naturally

Wash Your Skin with Cool Water

It is necessary to remove heat of the skin as early as possible. For this reason immediately after coming back from heat wash your skin with cool water to remove heat from the skin. Removing heat from your skin saves your skin from further sun burn.

Wasing skin

Use Sunscreen Lotion, Umbrella, Sunglasses and Wear Long Sleeved Cotton Wear

Whenever you go out in the sun apply sunscreen all over your body properly. Do not compromise with the quality of the sunscreen. Good quality sunscreen protects your skin for a long time. To get rid of sun burn use umbrella and sunglasses for extra protection. Wear long sleeved cotton wear to cover your skin and to protect it from harsh sunlight. Cotton or other natural fibers allows air circulation inside body and keep your body cool whereas synthetic cloth does not allow air circulation and the accumulated heat increases the sunburn.

applying sunscreen lotion

Aloe vera

Aloevera is an excellent product that cures sunscreen effectively. Keep one aloevera herb at your balcony garden so that you get fresh aloevera all the time. Slit aloevera and remove the gel. Apply the gel all over your body at least 3-4 times a day and leave it as long as possible before you wash it. After coming back from sun immediately apply fresh aloevera gel on your skin to reduce temperature of the skin. Mix some granules of sugar and mix it with aloevera gel. Massage the mixture on your skin everyday. This mixture not only cools down your skin but also helps to remove burnt skin from the outermost layer.


Milk and Lemon Juice

Milk and lemon juice is an excellent product that removes sunburn very effectively. Lemon juice is a natural acid which removes black spots created by sunburn. Take some chilled milk and squeeze few drops of fresh lemon juice in it. Mix well and apply it on your skin. Leave it for sometimes and then wash with plain water. Use this milk and lemon juice mixture everyday on skin and soon get rid of sun burn.

Lemon Juice

Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood paste is an excellent product that cools down your skin because sandalwood is a cool substance. Take a tablespoon of sandalwood powder and add plain water or rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste all over your face and neck and leave it to get dry. When it is almost dry just rub gently. It will help to remove dead and burnt skin as well as it cools down your skin. Apply sandalwood powder all over your face before you go out in the sun. Sandalwood powder has power to block the ultraviolet rays of the sun effectively.


Milk and Baking Soda

Milk and baking soda is an excellent bleach to remove sunburn from your skin very quickly. Add pinch of baking soda in a cup of cold milk. Apply this milk all over your burnt skin and leave it for sometimes. Then wash with plain water. Practice this method everyday and get benefit.

Milk and Baking Soda

Orange Juice and Honey

Orange juice is acidic and honey is a good moisturizer. Mix orange juice and honey in equal amount and apply it all over your skin everyday. This mixture not only helps to remove sun burn but also cures dryness that is caused due to sun burn. Everyday use of this mixture help to remove blemishes and cures dryness of skin. It makes your skin glowing and radiant.

Orange Juice and Honey

Gourd Juice

Grate one gourd and extract the juice. Preserve the juice in refrigerator. Apply the juice everyday on your skin. Gourd juice itself is a cool product and it contains different types of minerals. This juice cools down the skin, cures sunburn and enhances the health and glow of the skin supplying minerals to skin.

Gourd Juice

Yogurt and Chickpea Powder

Yogurt and chickpea powder is an excellent product that saves your skin from burn. Mix chickpea powder and yogurt into smooth paste. Apply this paste on your skin and wait for 10-15 minutes. Yogurt being acidic cures sun burn effectively. Practice this method everyday and soon get rid of sun burn.

Chickpea Powder

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Rice Powder, Watermelon Juice and Honey

Mix rice powder, watermelon juice and honey in a bowl. Apply this on your face and neck and leave it for sometimes. Rice powder works as scrubber and removes burnt skin whereas watermelon and honey nourishes and moisturizes it. Practice this method everyday and soon get rid of sun burn.

Watermelon Juice

Saffron and Almond

Soak some almond and saffron in warm milk overnight. Next morning grind the nut into paste and use that saffron milk to dilute the paste. Massage that milk on your skin at least 30-40 minutes before going to take bath. Practice this method everyday to remove sun burn and to get a fair skin.

Saffron and Almond

Drink Adequate Water

Drink adequate water everyday to keep your body cool and to remove toxin from your body. Water helps to cure sunburn. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in good quality for the supplement of minerals and fluid. Juicy fruits like water melon, lemon, lime, oranges, pineapple, ripe papaya, banana, etc. help to cure sun burn. Follow this diet and soon get a burn free clear skin. Follow these tips and soon get rid of sun burn very quickly and naturally. These products are all easily available and are less expensive.