Understanding Breast Cancer- Its symptons and its causes

Breast cancer is a disease which begins with a single cell, which then divides and multiplies at an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells.  An early stage of breast cancer, usually do not cause any pain and may or may not have any early symptoms .Hence, its becomes very difficult to detect it . So, it’s important to go for mammography test and self examination f breast regularly. But as it grows there are few noticeable changes. Some of the symptoms of breast cancer are:

* a small lump is formed is formed in the breast or armpit,
* there is a change in size ,color, and shape of breast,
* white or blood discharge from the nipple,
* unusual pain or discomfort in the breast
* Pain in the nipple.
* Persistent tenderness in the breast.

It’s very important to inform doctor about any changes found in the breast because early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to control breast cancer. It’s always effective and helps to treat cancer before it starts spreading. This increases the chances of women’s complete recovery. Symptoms can be caused by cancer or by a number of less serious conditions.

It’s still an unsolved mystery for the exact reasons of breast cancer. It is probably not because of any single cause but it is assumed that breast cancer results from a combination of risk factors.

Most probably, hereditary is one of the risk factor for breast cancer. Women whose mothers or sisters had breast cancer have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Research shows that a women inherits a breast cancer susceptibility gene from one of her parents and hence the chances for her having breast cancer is more than the other women. The most common of these genes are the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. These genes account for about 10 percent of all breast cancer cases and the families which have these genes, the risk of breast cancer is higher. However, most of the 85 – 90 percent of breast cancers is not hereditary, and hence it’s important for all women to screen themselves for breast cancer.

Female’s hormones estrogen and progesterone are too involved in breast cancer formation. Its understood that a women whose menstruation starts at an early age, or who have a late menopause hold a higher risk of breast cancer as compared to other women.

It is also assumed that women who take hormone replacement therapy after menopause have an increased risk of breast cancer. Besides studies have shown that the women taking birth control pills have higher risks for breast cancer.

Early diagnosis is very important for breast cancer
because by early treatment the disease does not spread and hence responds best and has the better chances for complete recovery.

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