6 Uses of Castor Oil

Persons suffering from inflammation of joints or symptoms associated with rheumatism should massage affected portions of body with undiluted castor seed oil on regular basis to attain desired results. This should be done at least four times during a day to minimize the pain.

Uses of Castor Oil

Menstrual Disorders

Due to the ample availability of ricinoleic acid in castor seed oil, its regular consumption assists in curing certain menstrual disorders like delayed or achy menstruations. It is advisable for females experiencing achy menstruations to consume controlled quantity of castor seed oil to get instantaneous relief from pain.

Menstrual cramps

Cure Skin Ailments

Since ages, the castor seed oil is used by naturopaths for the treatment of skin ailments and abscesses caused due to bacterial organisms. It is recommended for persons suffering from skin abscess to clean the surrounding skin thoroughly with undiluted castor seed oil to confine the growth of harmful organisms. This should be repeated several times during a day till the time disease gets treated.

Skin ailments

Good for Hair

Owing to the exceptional therapeutic benefits of castor seed oil, it is used in various remedies to shield scalp as well as hair from contagious condition caused by fungi. It is advisable for individuals experiencing problems like dry hair, dandruff etc to apply castor seed oil at least thrice a week to gain desired results.

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Regular consumption of castor seed oil assists in eliminating inflammations of colon, urinary tract, liver, kidney, and respiratory tract. Persons suffering from constipation should consume one teaspoon of castor seed oil before sleep to gain relief within a span of five to seven days.


Viral Fever

Research works done by several dieticians indicate that due to the tremendous therapeutic properties found in castor seed oil, its consumption in the state of viral fever paces up the curing process and empowers digestive system which further augments functionality of body’s internal defense system.

Viral Fever

Word of Caution

Although, castor seed oil is widely used in herbal remedies to cure certain ailments and body disorders but pregnant ladies should consult an accredited medical practitioner for dosage requirements prior to consumption as over dosage might lead to abortion.

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