Vegetables for the Diet Conscious

A common myth that persists is that consumption of fruits and vegetable salads is the best way to cut back on unwanted weight. Most often, we are better off eating a light meal, than consuming the wrong foods. Here are the right vegetables to choose when attempting to lose weight.

Most green vegetables are very good for the health conscious. Spinach, fresh fenugreek leaves, amaranth and colocasia are vegetables that can be consumed generously. Ladies finger, capsicum, brinjal olives, onions and bell peppers can also be added to the diet. Salads made with any of the above vegetables including cucumber, tomato, radish, cabbage, lettuce and celery are ideal. While cooking vegetables, make sure you use minimal oil and seasoning to as to retain natural tastes, minimize calorific value and preserve nutrients. Also avoid overcooking the vegetables.

Vegetables that can be eaten occasionally are cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, pumpkin, green peas and mushrooms.

Vegetables that must be avoided completely are those that are rich in carbohydrates and starch. These stay in the stomach longer and pile on the calories faster. These vegetables include sweet potato, potato, beetroot, jackfruit, raw banana, water chestnut and tapioca.

It may be a little difficult to keep the calory intake low when you have to eat out or socialise with friends and colleagues. There are ways, however, that you can work around these situations too. While eating out, choose non fried starters and kababs to be safe and avoid too many calories. Avoid rich gravies and fried foods. Spend more time at the salad counter and choose your vegetables well. This will help you fill your stomach more and you will end up eating less unwanted food.

Eat wisely and you will see a healthier and fitter body. It’s not only about losing weight, but keeping the body well maintained to minimise health hazards. The right foods will always stand you in good stead longer.

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