Vitamin D – Its Role and Sources

Vitamin D is an extremely important component for the body. Its main job is to absorb calcium into the body. Without the adequate supply of vitamin D to the body, calcium cannot be absorbed in to the body sufficiently. In such instances, it becomes necessary for the body to derive its required calcium from the bones and teeth, causing them to weaken greatly.

Vitamin D can be derived in three main forms.

Through the skin, vitamin D can be got from exposure to the right amount and kinds of sunlight. The best times are in the early mornings, and towards later evenings. A few minutes of exposure to the sun everyday without the use of sunscreen can be very useful in giving the body its dose of vitamin D.

The diet is another important contributor. Foods like eggs, saltwater fish, liver and milk are known to be rich in vitamin D.

Those who have severe defficiencies of vitamin D can also resort to supplements that give instant boost to the body by supplying the vitamin immediately.

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