1000 Calorie Diet – Your First Step to Weight Loss


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Recent statistics indicates that, about 45% of people mostly surf internet to find some good tips about weight loss and diet plans. The reason is that the percentage of obesity is rapidly increasing and hardly a few have managed to get a fit body by exercise.

Our hectic schedule and inclination to fast food to avoid time-consuming lunch and dinner are considerably responsible for obese body. Inconsistency of the time of lunch, dinner and junk food accentuates calorie production, which is difficult to burn due to our hectic schedule.

Therefore, a lot of people take resort to low calorie diet, which facilitates less calorie production in your body.

However, consuming less calories and burning more calories are not synonymous. Many people prefer diet restriction as the easiest way to lose weight. But, the extreme reduction can affect the metabolic process of your body; it can reduce your weight, but will make you sick in the long run. If you are confused with such parameters of weight loss and diet plans, here is a good diet plan for you.

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You might have heard about 1000 calorie diet. It is an exclusive diet plan, which the dietitians recommend more often. It is well known for being producing the least amount of calories in the body. Recent studies indicate that, consuming a 1000 calorie diet on a regular basis needs the least amount of physical activity.

However, you need to take good advice from your doctor to ensure that your body is perfectly suitable for 1000 calorie diet plan. If your body is flabby but suffers from poor nutrition then 1000 calorie diet is definitely not the one for you. Those who are looking for quick results can go for this diet plan. Sometimes the diet works also best for patient suffering from morbid obesity.

People who have over indulged in junk and spicy food can find rapid solutions with 1000 calorie food. The diet also helps in cleansing your system.

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Whenever, you start maintaining this diet chart, your body undergoes and overdrive and calorie starts burning. During this process, a lot of waste and toxic materials get deposited in your body. Intake of plenty of water can drive out all the toxins from your body. While on this diet, do follow a menu that offers ample vitamin and mineral nutrients for your body.

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Last but not the least, do not stick to this diet plan for more than 3 days, or else it may leave you undernourished in future.

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