7 Natural Diets For Congestive Heart Failure

7 Natural Diets For Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is defined as a medical disease in which the heart stops functioning in an efficient manner. Due to lack of supply of oxygen to the body, there is improper flow of blood in the heart, which eventually leads to heart failure.

7 Natural Diets For Congestive Heart Failure

An individual may suffer from heart attack or stroke, if the heart does not function properly. It is imperative for the heart to perform its functions in an optimum manner, so that the life expectancy of an individual is increased, and an individual can live his or her life to the fullest extent in a healthy and fit way.

Any kind of problem with the heart may shatter the dreams of the person and may make him depressed and stressed out. So, maintaining proper heart health is mandatory to keep going in life. There are several congestive heart failure treatment options available in front of an individual to live healthily. Before discussing about these treatments, it is very important to have some knowledge about the underlying causes of the disease.

Causes of Congestive Heart Failure

The problem of heart failure may occur due to various causes as mentioned below:

A major factor responsible for heart diseases is high level of cholesterol. Sufferers of high cholesterol are at great risk of being affected by stroke or heart attack at any point of time in life. The problem of high cholesterol mainly occurs due to unhealthy lifestyle, which includes consumption of oily foods, lack of exercises, and excessive intake of alcohol.

High blood pressure is also a main cause of heart failure. Excessive intake of sodium in the diet, stress, and improper diet are the triggers of high blood pressure. One of the major factors causing heart related problems is unhealthy diet plan, which includes increased intake of oily foods, junk foods and fast foods. So, it is absolutely true that all the causes of heart failure are directly related to improper diet plan. So, by having a control on the dietary intake and changing the diet plan towards making it heart friendly would be one of the best natural ways to treat and prevent congestive heart failure.


Ways to Treat Congestive Heart Failure through Diet

It is true that medical science has come up with several drugs and treatments to deal with heart related hazards. The medical treatments are undoubtedly effective in treating the diseases successfully. However, in the long run, there may be some side effects which might be harmful for the health. So, it is always better to follow a natural approach to deal with heart related problems. The best way is to change the diet plan specifically according to the heart. A few diet tips with respect to congestive heart failure treatment have been discussed here.

Eat nutritious diet

It is vital for a person to understand the importance of eating a nutritious and healthy diet for maintaining proper functioning of the heart. Vitamins and minerals like protein, vitamin C, calcium, iron, omega 3 oils, zinc, magnesium, chromium, vitamin B, and vitamin E are very healthy for the heart and should be included in the form of supplements or natural sources.

Foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk, cereals, whole grains, and soybean are good natural sources of these minerals and ought to be incorporated in the regular diet. Also, fish should be included in the diet plan for heart patients as fish contains omega 3 oils which are beneficial for the heart. Further, oranges, tomatoes and strawberries should constitute the main fruit items as they contain vitamin C, which helps in promoting blood circulation throughout the body including the heart, hence proving to be good for the heart.

Eat nutritious diet

Eat low fat diet

Increased intake of fat in the diet results in increased cholesterol level, which eventually results in heart problems. So, the amount of fat intake in the diet should be kept at the minimum most level. Junk foods like burger, French fries, pizzas, sandwiches etc contain high amount of bad and saturated fats, and therefore should be excluded from diet.

Improper nutrition

Include unsaturated fats in the diet

Unsaturated fats are not harmful for the heart and should be included in the diet. Also, foods enriched with unsaturated fats help in lowering down the cholesterol level, hence improving heart health. Vegetable oil, nuts and fish are rich sources of good fats and are considered to be heart friendly foods.

Include unsaturated fats in the diet

Less intake of sodium

Increased consumption of salt or sodium in the diet raises the level of blood pressure, and is tremendously harmful for the health of heart. So, it is crucial to cut down the intake of sodium so that the level of blood pressure is optimized and the heart performs its functioning appropriately.

Less intake of sodium

Include potassium in the diet

It is imperative to increase the intake of potassium in the diet as this mineral is supposed to regulate the blood pressure level, subsequently enhancing the health of heart. Foods which are good sources of potassium consist of bananas, peaches, potatoes and apricots.

Potassium rich diet

Raise the fiber content in diet

Raising the amount of fiber intake is highly recommended to regulate cholesterol level and discard unnecessary waste from the body.

Fibrous food

Avoid processed foods

Magnesium is one of the vital minerals for preventing congestive heart failure. People who eat processed foods are at greater risk of being affected by heart failure; as such foods lack this essential mineral. Thus, intake of processed and packaged foods should be avoided as far as possible, so that the body does not have deficiency of magnesium.

Magnesium rich food

The diet related tips which have been mentioned above would be quite helpful with respect to congestive heart failure treatment. These tips should be followed nut only by the heart patients, but by everyone, so as to prevent heart failure.

Along with improving the dietary habits, it is also recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle, which suggests exercising regularly. Also, smoking and alcohol consumption should be restricted, so that heart health is maintained. Coupling together consistent workouts and healthy diet would definitely help in improving cardiovascular health.