About Green Tea And Weight Loss

It is a well known fact that green tea is a good source of energy.  It has anti oxidants and helps reduce weight.  A glass of green tea is very good and effective in keeping good health.  It also plays a big role in cutting down a person’s weight.  Drinking green tea and following a diet is the most effective way of losing weight.

The one on its own is not effective and you have to necessarily combine the drinking of green tea with exercise and/or diet in order to cut down the inches. Balanced nutrition and exercise play a great role in cutting out all that flesh.

Green tea increases your metabolism and gives it a boost. Green tea is known to burn fat like no other health food. Triglycerides are necessary for energy, life support and physical activities.  Excess of triglycerides are turned into fat and thus people turn obese.  The polyphenols present in green tea are in abundance and play a big role in dissolving extra triglycerides. Thus, green tea helps burn fat.

Green tea plays a big role in stimulating metabolism and accelerating weight loss.  Green tea has antioxidants like catechin, which is a polyphenol.  This is responsible for the many benefits that green tea gives us.  EGCG in green tea is most effective in dissolving fat. It gives extra energy, helps to shed extra water and also in burning body fat.

Antioxidants  like catechin polyphenols are the biggest plus points of green tea.  Caffeine in green tea activates the central nervous system with fat being released into the blood stream.  This is used as fuel. Thermogenesis is the way in which fat is used as energy. Green tea allows you to exercise longer. It increases energy, builds muscle, boosts metabolism. Fatty acids are stimulated to be used by the liver and by the muscle cells. Carbohydrates are digested slowly and allow you to do more exercise and for a longer period. Endurance level is increased.

The benefits of green tea are well known and Asian countries consume green tea as part of their culture. The regular use of green tea can do wonders to your body.