3 Home Remedies For Acne



Most of us start cursing our stars as soon we spot an acne on our face. We forget the fact that fretting over something is not gonna solve our problem. Having perfect, flawless and gorgeous skin seems so out of reach most of the time. But the truth is that we give up too easily.

It is not reasonable to expect an acne to disappear in a day or two without even putting in any effort. Acne is a very common problem and most people suffer from it. Dealing with it the right way and the right time will solve half your problems.

Having a good diet and drinking plenty of water is the first thing to do in order to clear acne. It is best to keep away from unhealthy foods rich in trans fats and saturated fats. Working out on a regular basis also helps eliminate all sorts of toxins from the body by means of sweat. Refrain from habits like drinking, smoking etc. for better flawless skin. It is very important to lead a healthy life to keep skin problems and various health ailments at bay.


Apart from indulging in healthy habits it is very important to do a little something extra for your skin. Ensure that you keep your face clean and stick to your washing, toning and moisturizing routine. Apart from keeping your face clean also make it a point to deep clean your skin once a while by taking steam or by ex-foliating your skin using a good quality scrub. Choose skin care products sensibly and instead of going for something more fancy stick to natural products. Soaps, moisturizers, etc. with Aloe Vera base are best for the skin and does you no harm.

Aloe Vera

Apply tomato on your face to clear your complexion and to reduce acne. Find time to apply any face pack of your choice once a week or as per your convenience.


Oatmeal , sandalwood pack, clay pack, etc. helps a great deal in treating acne and also clears your complexion and evens the skin tone. Applying yogurt or honey on acne prone area works wonders for clearing acne. Wipe your face with cold milk or rose water on a regular basis to keep acne at bay.

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