Adult Acne – Causes & Treatment

As a teenager, there is a greater chance that you must have suffered from acne, but now that you have become an adult, you might be happy at the thought that you have got rid of your acne permanently.

But this happiness may be short lived because even adults can be afflicted with acne, which is now called ADULT ACNE.

Nearly 5% of the adult population gets afflicted with acne. Thus, you see that this skin condition is more prevalent then you think. Now the question arises – what causes adult acne and how you can treat it safely to avoid the pain, inflammation and scarring associated with it. Discussed below are some major causes and treatment for adult acne.

Two major causes for adult acne are genetics and hormonal changes. These are also the most common causes for teenage acne. Genetic cause for acne cannot be treated by you alone. You will need to consult a doctor who may prescribe some medicines for it.

Controlling adult acne, arising due to hormonal changes also requires medical help.  Its treatment may include some prescribed pills like birth control pills. Your doctor may also consider prescribing medicines containing retinoids, which gets rid of clogged skin pores.

As you grow older, your stress level may also increase due to the increased responsibility at the workplace and also at home. And stress is a major cause for adult acne. So what can you do to eliminate your acne! Of course you can do a lot of things!

Learn to deal with stress and manage it before it takes you in its grip. In such condition, you need to practice some relaxation techniques like yoga , meditation or, even walking to beat your stress. Minimizing stress in life can help you to live a happy and longer life!

Basic cause for adult acne can be any one or more of the conditions such as overproduction of oil, generally referred to as sebum, an obstruction in the hair follicles and multiplication of bacteria in the hair follicles. In these cases, you can treat adult acne by eliminating these causes by finding some suitable remedies for it.

Remedies may include keeping the surface of your skin clean and free from excessive bacterial growth in the hair follicles. Overproduction of sebum can be controlled by proper diet, use of oil-free cosmetics and moisturizers, exfoliation, etc.