Advantages Of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a kind of massage therapy that uses heated stones.  It is widely utilized for general health improvement and also for the relaxation of muscles. The therapy is beneficial particularly in the months of winter and has acquired a status of standard wellness practice at various places.

The most commonly used stone in hot stone massage therapy is basalt, but other stones such as marble and semi-precious stones are also effective. Basalt is a rock derived from volcanoes and is well-known for its heat absorbing and retention characteristics.

The stones used in hot stone therapy are first heated and then placed at different body parts, including the face, back and neck. In a full body massage, they are also placed at legs and toes. The smooth and flat surface is a unique feature of these stones.  There is no standard stone size and they are available in different dimensions and sizes, depending on their specific use.

Hot stone massage is based on the function of heat penetration in the body. The heat from the stones infiltrates at the various key points of the body and results in smoother blood circulation. The main advantage of hot stone massage is that it provides faster muscle relaxation than the regular massage. It also enhances the state of calmness. The hot stone massage therapy has widely been used and recommended by medical practitioners for people experiencing pain, stress or strain. Those who suffer from arthritis get an immediate relief after experiencing the hot stone therapy.

Apart from a number of hot stones, the requirements for a hot stone massage include massage table and table linens. If you intend to combine it with aromatherapy, then you also need to purchase massaging oils and essential oils. For a full body massage, 48 hot stones are generally required on an average. But it may differ according to the actual application needs. One thing you need to keep in mind that the more stones you use, the less would be the need for reheating them. This is because you need to replace the stones with hot stones once they become cold.