Almond Oil For Skin

Almond oil is hauled out from the dried up kernels of sweet almonds. The oil is transparent with a slight yellow color tinge to it and is blessed with a characteristic odor and nutty taste.

The almond oil has a lot of additional health benefit associated to it and is a primary essential oil that is used in various treatments in aromatherapy due to its lubricating properties.

Due to the very fact that sweet almond oil can serve for numerous therapeutic and lubricating uses it is widely used for skin care purpose and is a key ingredient or carrier oil of many beauty and cosmetic products entitled to nourish and improve the skin quality and texture of the skin.
Almond oil gets easily absorbed by the skin and can easily reach the lower layers and thereby provide nourishment to the inner layers as well so in a way moisturizes your skin deeper and better.

Apart from quick absorption almond oil is non-greasy so it won’t be sticky on your skin. The sweet fragrance of this oil is a special add up as it is mild fragrance and not a harsh and synthetic one and will help to relive your spirit.

Almond oil application on your skin with a mild massage can help to improve your skin complexion and also enlighten your face with a sheer glow. In fact almond oil holds up a wide usage as it clear up your skin and make it soft and supple.

If you have dry skin or a skin type that is repeatedly prone to irritation or inflammation, then almond oil could be the very answer for your problem. With its lubricating properties the almond oil with fight away the dryness of your skin and help to keep the chapped and peeling skin at bay.

Almond oil also has a good soothing action against skin irritation, allergies as well as inflammation.

Now-a-days many people complain about dark circles and puffy eyes and almond oil is a perfect remedy for dark circles. A regular light massage of almond oil with your finger tips in the night will improve the blood circulation in that area making the dark patches lighter and smolder the puffiness of the eyes making your eyes brighter.

Almond oil has a high content of vitamin E which helps in reducing the wrinkles and fine lines of aging. In fact it is also effective to keep away the bacterial infections which result into acne and help to lighten up the skin pigmentation, dark spots and scars on your skin.