Aloe Vera- Benefits For Skin Care


Aloe Vera is a tender and luscious plant originating in the dry and arid regions of Middle East and Northern Africa. Its beneficial part is the sap, commonly known as Aloe Vera Gel. This gel is obtained from the Aloe Vera leavesand is a translucent jelly like substance.

Alove vera

For many year, Aloe Vera has been used in traditional medicines for treating serious burns, sun burns, wounds, cuts, dry skin, infections, and various other skin related problems. Aloe Vera juice is also used for the treatment of various dental and gum problems, for improving digestion, as well as for all general infections.

Burn and cut

Aloe Vera is known to improve the effectiveness of a large number of organic skin care products like cleansers, moisturizers, as well as medications for healing minor injuries and sun damaged skin. Some of the most important uses of Aloe Vera and its benefits for skin care include:

Aloe Vera is well known for being effective in the treatment of dermatitis – a condition characterized by inflammation of the skin. Application of Aloe Vera gel on the affected region helps to relieve the condition.

Inflamation of the skin

Aloe Vera stabilized our digestive system and is considered to be extremely important for providing appropriate nourishment to our skin.

Digestive system

Aloe Vera helps for fighting against a number of skin diseases, particularly those caused as a result of pitta related disorder, as it is a herb of cold potency.

Skin diseases

Aloe Vera works like magic when used in case of burns. According to various researches, it is extremely efficient in healing burn wounds much faster than anything else.

Aloe Vera get can be applied on the skin to get rid of dark spots and blemishes that are usually caused due to pregnancy.

Dark spot

Aloe Vera helps inpreventing and treating acne as well as other allergic reactions of the skin, helping the pores of the skin to remain healthy and clear.


Aloe Vera helps to lighten the color of the skin, as it attacks the amount of extra melanin present in the body and gets rid of it.

Color of the skin

Aloe Vera works as a great anti-oxidant and helps in fighting against age related skin disorder.

Aloe Vera gel slows down the development of wrinkles on our skin.

Wrinkle on skin