Alternative Treatment For Dizziness


Dizziness can be related with a number of conditions. It is a kind of a feeling of light-headedness with the addition of the feeling that you’re on Mary-go-round and everything around you is spinning.


Most of the times the dizziness is not serious; children even find the sensation funny and recreational. It, however, should be a thing of concern when the feeling becomes chronic and continues all the time/often.

It has been recorded that the most number of visits to doctors, is because of dizziness. Though if you are experiencing something like this, you should consult your doctor first, there are several herbal and natural ways to treat this condition. We are going to list out some.

Tips To Treat For Dizziness

Follow these few steps to save yourself temporarily from falling down in case of dizziness. When you are alone: sit down and place your knees on either side of your head. This will make the spinning stop. Then try breathing as slowly and as deeply as possible, which will restore the amount CO2 and Oxygen in your body; thus eliminating the dizziness.

Take care while sitting up, or standing up from the previous position. By performing sudden movements, you are instigating the insides of your body to get imbalanced.


One of the few magical herbs, ginger is shaped twisted and is a root in nature. It is widely used in the Asian region for many purposes, especially in foods. It is a very much favored herb for making curries, desserts and other dishes. Its medical purpose extends to the treatment of cold, coughs and bogies.

Often, when an individual is having a fever, with cough and cold, he/she is given ginger tea; opens up the noses and clears the throat. Nowadays, supplements for ginger are also available. Though no one have had any kind of bad effect via this herb, it is best to consult a doctor first.

Ginger tea


Gingko is one of the ancient trees in the world. Gingko leaf extract is used to treat a number of respiratory problems and others such as asthma, Alzheimer’s, bronchitis, fatigue, problems in sexuality, depression, etc. Except the persons taking anti-coagulant drugs, all should be fine taking the help of this drug. The others have to consult their doctors first.

Gingko leaf


This is a kind of plant, which produces daisy like flowers. Popularly used for the treatment for migraines, but it is also used for asthma, allergies, nausea, dizziness, etc. With the dry parts of the plant you can make yourself tea and have the same.

Or, you may also prefer having fresh leaves, but there may be side effects of this. The list contains swelling, canker sores mouth irritation, etc. It is best that a doctor prescribes you this and gives you the details of the effects and the side effects.


Last Words

It has also been seen that some foods also do impose certain symptoms on an individual; dizziness is one of them. So keep a food diary at hand and note down the edibles, if any such, upsets your balance. Keep in constant contact with your health care provider; they need to know how their medication is affecting you.

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