7 Alternative Treatment For Spider Veins


Normally, when the blood somehow gets blocked, the veins tend to spread out, or get twisted. This condition is referred to as Spider veins.

Spider Veins

This swelling, or twisting, condition is mostly seen in older women, and noticed in the lower body parts, such as the feet or the legs. Whenever any added pressure is experienced by the body, these ‘spider veins’ tend to appear like webbings.

A varied list of events may cause this condition, such as over-exposure to the sun, hormonal changes or other kind of injuries. These often appear ugly, and are a pain to treat.

There are, however, some alternative treatments for this strange condition.

Proper Circulation For Spider Veins

Since the main reason to this condition is the irregular and heavy circulation of blood in the concerned area, the first treatment should be to house conditions for a proper circulation of blood.

You may achieve this via exercising your body (especially your lower body). This will result in increased heart rate, better metabolism and increased supply of oxygenated blood to every part of your body.

regular exercise

Weight For Spider Veins

As mentioned above, the more pressure the body receives, the more the spider veins tend to spread. Therefore, to stop the spider veins from spreading lose weight; thus relieving some pressure off your legs.

lose weight

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Having a well-balanced, and rich, diet will ensure a better you. In other words, increasing the amount of fiber in your diet, and decreasing the amount of salt, will result in lessened fluid formation in your body. As is mentioned, the spider veins appear due to blockage of fluids in your veins, adapting to this diet will clear unnecessary fluid from the veins.

fiber diet

Clothing For Spider Veins

Wearing something that is loose for you, with tight belts and elastics, or too tight for you, will only ensure an increased and uneven blood pressure in your veins. To make sure that this does not happen, buy and wear clothing, which are perfect in fittings. Constraining the veins will result in building up pressure in the veins.

perfect fittings cloths

Locomotion For Spider Veins

Locomotion refers to moving around. We suggest that you do not stay in one posture for an extended length of time. Doing this (staying in one posture, that is) will decrease and slowly, restrict the blood flow in a particular region. It is advised that you change your posture, in every 30 minutes or so.

If moving around is not an option (when constantly working), you can at least try and keep rocking/exercising your feet and hand muscles, alternatively, and often.


Do Not Restrict Blood Flow

The message is a simple one: do not restrict the blood flow, in a certain region, for more than a necessary time. Actions like, crossing your legs, constricts the blood flow and can kick start a spider vein formation or a list of other ailments.

keep in action

Diet For Spider Veins

Some food items such as various types of berries, oranges, grapefruits etc, help to build strong veins, and strengthen our blood vessels. With a little search, you will find various ways to fend off the condition of spider veins. All you have to remember is not to apply pressure, or weight, anyhow, on your body.