Anxiety: Calming Your Nerves


If you are spending a fortune on anti-depressants, therapies, mood relievers and other medications and still are not able to calm your nerves, you can try natural remedies. Using these remedies regularly can give you remarkable results. Though it takes time for these remedies to work, once you experience the benefits of these natural remedies, you will not want to turn back.


Sprinkle five drops of good-quality organic lavender aromatherapy oil on your neckline. If you’re feeling anxious but need to go out and about, you can carry your calming therapy with you all day, breathing it in as you go. Lavender oil is so strong that it can also calm ‘anxious feelings’ in patients in hospitals, so you can easily treat mild anxiety.

Organic lavender oil

As a backup, also slip a little bottle of an essence remedy containing Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose and Impatiens flower essence. Take four drops of this essence under the tongue every 30 minutes until you’re feeling better. This remedy is also known as rescue remedy. You can also take the Emergency Essence containing a blend of 10 flowers. So if you have been in an accident, have lost a loved one or are simply depressed, take seven drops under the tongue as often as needed.

Bethlehem and Rock Rose

A Soul Support essence containing cattail pollen, chalice well, cotton grass, fireweed, labrador tea, malachite, river beauty, ruby, white fireweed can help you deal with trauma, transition, bereavement, challenges and before starting new ventures. For Soul Support (helps you deal with traumatic experiences and gives you strength and stability), take four to six drops under the tongue, or in small glass of water and slip frequently, if you can’t drink it, it can be rubbed on the lips, temples or pulse points. Repeat after 30 minutes if required.

Cotton grass

Hot, milky drinks are traditionally calming because of the tryptophan (an amino acid) they contain; add some cardamom seeds for quickly calming you and smoothing your nerves. Cardamom has been used for 2,000 years in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to promote equanimity, deep restful sleep, a relaxed, focused mind and also to soothe the hot rush of an anxiety attack. Crush the seeds and sprinkle over warm milk, adding a little Horlicks or Ovaltine if you like it.

Warm milk