Aroma Therapy – Treatment Or Healing?

In this fast paced and stressful life people get worn out physically but mentally as well. Aromatherapy is a unique form of treatment for physical and stress related, mental ailments.Basically it rejuvenates you so that you can live a perfect and harmonious life.In aromatherapy various kinds of essential oils are used to treat mainly stress related psychological problems. The fragrance or aroma of these oils relaxes your brain through the olfactory system and make the brain more alert and agile.

Apart from the obvious positive effects of these oils through fragrance, these oils also contain other pharmacological effects like being anti bacterial and anti septic they can boost your immunity system and prevent you from falling prey to other common and infectious disease. This oil removes impurities and gives a positive energy to the body. The fact that this treatment is without any side effects does add to its popularity.

The oils that are used for this therapy are pure plant extract. For extracting the fragrant oil, steam distillation and expression methods are used. Fragrant oils from flowers are extracted through solvent method. The quantity in which these oils should be applied varies from person to person and only after knowing the kind of ailments he is having the quantity of oil to be used can be known.

Is it effective?

Despite the concerns raised by many scientific practitioners that aroma therapy produces essentially “placebo effect” rather than any actual physiological effect, it’s been accepted now that aromatherapy is effective in certain cases where the smell or aroma of the oils have proven to be effective in relaxation and in uplifting the mood .

The life giving properties of plants and flowers extracts that are used to made these oils help to “balance the energies” of the bodies and clears negative energies from the body. All these psychological and mental benefits are hard to quantify in scientific terms, although the antiviral and antibacterial effects of physiotherapy are beyond doubt and are widely accepted by all scientific studies as well.

The most important property of this therapy is the fact that by being organic it doesn’t have any side effects and can be used by any adult person, off course with the help of a trained therapist.