Aspirin Mask: To Deal With Skin Problems

Facial mask made up of aspirin is in fact a great way to deal with acne and blackheads. The presence of salicylic acid (Beta hydroxyl acid) in the aspirin tablet make it capable of exfoliating skin and cleansing skin pores in order to get rid of the dead cells; and improves the skin condition.

Aspirin Mask

Not only this, but aspirin mask can help you to improve the skin texture making it soft and also help in reduction of fine lines and pigmentation marks which make their appearance on the skin as your skin age.

This aspirin mask can be used by anybody irrespective of his/her skin type. It is equally good for people having dry, normal and oily skin. However the frequency of usage of aspirin mask can vary. It’s recommended that you apply this aspirin mask once in a week if you have dry or normal skin and people with oily skin can increase it to twice a week.

Oily Skin
A word of caution though for people having sensitive skin as, they can be allergic to the contents of this mask and therefore always do a patch test on your arms to be sure that the mask doesn’t kindle an allergic reaction.

You can easily make this mask at home using aspirin which you can easily get from a drug store along with some honey and water. You need to dissolve a few aspirin tablets in a little water and then add honey to it and there the mixture is all ready to use.

Make Aspirin Mask

Always check on the consistency that it should not be very drippy.Use this mixture on your face as a mask and wait for around fifteen minutes till it dries off and then apply it in circular movements to exfoliate your skin.

Carry on the exfoliation for at least five to ten minutes and then wash off the mask with water and pat dry. Regular application of this mask will bring out the results and improve your skin conditions.

Exfoliating skin

After the clean up you can dab on some toner on your skin with the help of cotton wool and then apply a good quality moisturizer on your skin. Regular application of this mask will bring out the results and improve your skin conditions.