Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies is a branch of alternative medicine. It basically encompasses an invigorating system that makes use of dilutions made up of the essence of flower. This Bach flower remedial system or therapy was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in order to balance the physical and emotional turbulence’s in the body.

According to Dr. Bach the essences found in the flower correspond to the problematic condition found in the people and according to him you can treat a patient for inducing the positive effects with the correct choice of the essence.

The essence used in this practice was made from certain flowers by distillation of the essence followed by their dilutions in the required amount. The Bach flower remedies include a very small amount of flower material diluted with the help of water and brandy.

The flower therapy was primarily designed for the emotional and spiritual well being. These remedies therefore hold special importance in treating depression, stress and anxiety related disorders. The Bach flower remedies are generally available for oral use.

Though the Bach flower remedies are similar in many ways to the conventional homeopathic form but are not all and all a homeopathic treatment process at all. In fact neither of the Bach flower remedies is potent zed nor is they based on the principle of law of similar which is one of the key aspects of homeopathy.

Basically, the healing or curative properties of a flower are extracted with any of the two methods namely the sun method and the boiling method.

Each remedy of the Bach flower therapy is either used alone or they can be used in combination with two or more remedies. As each flower is known to impart a specific quality to the remedy, this particular feature as imparted to the solution brings about a specific cure in the person availing this form of therapy.

If you want to go through this system of practice then either any naturopath or trained Bach flower therapist can help you and suggest you the remedies after an interview.

Rescue remedy is regarded as one of the best known remedy that is basically a balanced composition of rock rose, clematis, cherry plum, impatiens andstar of Bethlehem. This remedy is specifically designed for treatment of people who are suffering from panic attacks, stress and anxiety. The rescue remedy is also available with the name of five flower remedy also.