Basic Hair Types

The genetic factors form an underpinning for the sort of hair you will have and that’s why the hair quality and hair type  differs from individual to individual.Hair type of a person will generally fall among at least one of the type listed below though in some cases it might also occur in combination.

You can also try out a simple hair test to find out which category of hair does you have. For that you simply need to wash up your hair with a shampoo on the first day and then on the second day you will have to get hold of a tissue paper and place it in the centre of the head above the scalp and just observe the results visible on that tissue paper.

If many spots of oil are visible then you have an oily hair type and if only a few are visible then you fall in the category of normal hair type and if your tissue paper appears completely dry then you have dry hair.Accordingly some of the most commonly found hair types are:

Normal hair:

This type of hair is considered best as it is not dry nor is it too greasy so it is also easy to manage and generally has a shine to it. However, proper nourishment and oiling is required to maintain the normal hairs.

Dry hair:

This type of hair generally lacks moisture content the possible reason being that the oil secretions by the glands on the scalp is either reduced or totally blocked. The condition of presence of dry hair is generally genetic but being prone to harsh weather conditions and other chemical stuffs can also be one of the reasons of getting dry hair.

The dry hair also has some associated problems like dandruff, split ends and lacks any shine. So they require an extra care to keep them in good position and prevent their breakage.

Oily hair:

Oily hair results from the over secretion of the oil glands of the scalp and since it is not possible to remove this excess oil every now and then these oil particles tend to accumulate and turn greasy. Regular washing is needed to keep your scalp clean and healthy.

Combination hair:

This hair type where the scalp is greasy while the tips of the hair are dry and damaged and even the color of the tips is different than the color of the root hair. They tips can also have split ends.