Basics Of Body Building


We all desire to have a well built body but the very thought of the strenuous physical exercises and the effort that it will involve make us keep a distance from having one.

body building

But having a well built body does not always mean to only gain of muscles but it also has secondary benefits like gaining of health and confidence levels.The key concern of the people practicing regular exercise is to gain lean muscle mass.

But if you are a beginner it is advisable that you do not rush up to a gym and do a whole lot of exercise in a single day thinking that it will help you have a built up body as body building cannot be achieved in a single day and rather days and months of perseverance and patience is required.

You will only harm your body if you practice a lot of exercise at once is to once. A person should always start his exercise practice with some warm up exercises for a week or two to bring your body in pace with the exercise routine.

It is wiser if you practice some free hand exercises in the beginning and then you can then add more strenuous exercise in your schedule that to one at a time so as you do not put any pressure on your body at a point of time.

free hand exercises

You can start by include exercises like skipping, cycling and taking strides to warm up his body and then move to bench press followed by doing some additional exercises that tone up your abdominal muscles.


People can also very well improve their body by squatting persistently and recurrently. The squats basically are a vital exercise that trains primarily the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks. It also strengthens the bones and ligaments throughout the lower body.


It is though advisable that you try to incorporate squatting after a month or so that too under the guidance of a trainer. And it is mandatory that you always do the warm up exercises before any strenuous physical workouts.

For a good body workout it is also important that you well nutritious diet including protein, healthy fats along with fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and Vegetables