Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic’s usage for cures and treatment has been handed down throughout the centuries from generations down and it’s proclaimed to be the best know grandma’s remedy. This miracle bulb has been known for its prowess of keeping away evil spirits such as vampires and also for its unique healing properties.

Garlic is one of the most important ingredients of an Asian and Mediterranean kitchen and many cuisines are not complete without its addition. Apart from its importance in the kitchen garlic, also known as Allium Sativum in Latin; is well-known for its medicinal qualities. Herbal medicine strongly advocates the usage of garlic and it is extensively used in herbal medicines. This article covers some of the known benefits of garlic both in and outside the kitchen.

Cholesterol: Proven studies have been published to combat the effects of garlic on the human cholesterol levels and it has been found helpful to manage high cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that garlic has the ability to lower triglyceride and increase fibrinolysis in the body. It has been known to increase the release of insulin and regulate the blood sugar levels in diabetes.

High blood pressure: Garlic has been known for its properties of reducing high blood pressure in the body. It is considered as one of the most effective among all natural ingredients capable of controlling the blood pressure mainly because of its ability to slow down the pulse and modify the heart rate.

Skin ailments: Skin disorders like acne and pimple have shown beneficial results through the application of garlic. Rubbing a clove of garlic over acne and pimples have seen to make them disappear without leaving any marks. Skin infections can be kept at bay by consuming garlic regularly as it is known to cleanse the blood stream.

Bacterial and fungal infections: Garlic has anti microbial, anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial properties which helps in keeping the body safe from any such infections. Yeast and other fungal infections, intestinal parasites have been known to be kept at bay by the regular consumption of garlic. Because of its anti viral properties garlic helps in keeping skin infections away.

Cold and sinusitis: Although unproven, garlic is still considered as one of the best remedies for cold and sinus related problems. Heating oil with a few cloves of garlic and rubbing on the forehead relieves sinus induced headaches.

Apart from the above other benefits of garlic include curing any digestive problems, treating warts and other skin infections, reducing toothache, treatment of cold and flu, reducing earache etc.

Side effects: Garlic in its natural form i.e. when in cloves does not have any benefits as such as its main beneficial chemical compound called allicin is only produced when a garlic clove is finely chopped, crushed or bruised. Garlic does not have any side effects; however some people might be allergic to large quantities of garlic. It is also infamous for producing bad breath and mouth wash is recommended if you are consuming garlic before a meeting. Also if any other medicine is already being used for any treatment a physician should always be consulted before trying out any alternative treatments.