Benefits Of Holy Basil And Basil Oil


Basil leaves have a special significance in the Hindu mythology, however it’s equally valued in other parts of the worlds as well. Basil is a Mediterranean herb. It is extensively used in cooking and for healing purposes. Basil leaves have remarkable medicinal properties. Basil oil is an essential ingredient of many European, Indian and Italian cuisines.

It is also increasingly being used in the aromatherapy. The benefits of basil are magnanimous.Basil is rich in vitamin A and magnesium, so its regular intake is beneficial for diabetic and heart patients. Basil benefits people suffering with constipation and diarrhea as basil seeds aid in better digestion of fiber in the food.  Researchers opine that basil leaves have anti oxidants properties which help in preventing cancer. Children suffering from cold, cough and fever cannot be given strong medication.

Juice of basil leaves is useful in solving these pediatric problems. Consuming basil leaves with saffron helps in clearing the pustules of chicken pox. This herb also keeps teeth disorder at bay. Make a fine powder of sun dried basil leaves and mustard oil. Use it as toothpaste. It will strengthen your teeth and prevent teeth disorders. Basil leaves also strengthen kidney. Juice of basil leaves and honey, if taken incessantly, for six months can help in curing renal stone.

Basil oil is effective in treating common cold, flu and other respiratory diseases. With its aromatic effect, it helps in relieving stress and tension. Massaging basil oil on temples cures headaches by providing soothing and calming effects. Basil oil can be applied on minor injuries, wounds, burns and bruises. It also provides instant relief from stings of honey bees and insect bites. Basil oil improves texture of skin and hair. It is an active constituent of many cosmetic products. It is quite effective for acne and other skin problems.

As basil oil blends perfectly with other essential oils like lavender, lime, rosemary, sandalwood and eucalyptus, it is widely used in aromatherapy.  Another benefit of basil is that it is an antispasmodic. It is very useful for menstrual cramps. When combined with black pepper oil it forms a lethal combination and helps in alleviating anxiety and fatigue.Some people can be allergic to basil oil. Before applying basil oil, test it on a patch of your skin. Dilute it with some other carrier oil like vegetable oil. Consult an aroma therapist before using basil oil. With plethora of benefits, basil is indeed a boon to the mankind!